Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tea Party

Today at school it was a half day so we did a writing prompt on getting 3 wishes from a genie in an old fashioned bottel so I had a little fun with it and I have no clue that I did any good so I'm kinda edgy about the subject.
Our ward had a little get together with the women and girls so we couled show off our dolls, so I brout my two Madame Alexander dolls and knew nothing about their past so I clamed that my mom was the original owener and she passed them down to me only a couple years ago


Chris said...

You could have said that your Madame Alexander dolls came from the Titanic. That would have been even more impressive. Then you could have made up an elaborate story about how they were discovered in a chest, restored, lost again, found in someone's attic and sold on eBay for pennies. You could have bought them on eBay the first time you used a computer.

Christmas Smurf said...

Hey, you have to tell us what your three wishes would be! No fair to just mention it and then not tell. C'mon! Nice blog. I just read the whole thing, AND all the comments. Now I've left more comments on your blog than on your sister's or your brother Scott's, because I can't figure out how on theirs. I hope this comment is long enough for you.

rachel lee said...

nice blog brooke! i think you update more than your other siblings ;-)

bloggerworm said...

My three wishes were:
1. a flawless life
2. that the genie would stay with me and protect me, and give me wishes, wishes, and more wishes
3. anybody affected by the genie's magic power wouldn't get spoiled

Your favorite oldest sister.. said...

Well I think you covered all the bases with those wishes. I mean everbody wants to live flawlessly, then you took care of the classic wish for more wishes with a stipulation of genie proximity, and of course then you were thinking of others! Overall, a great set of wishes.