Thursday, June 07, 2007


I'm HOME!!!!!!!!!!!
It's SUMMER!!!!!!!
Can it get any better! I have a regular keyboard! Too bad, I was getting used to the spainish one......Sigh......
Well, It's good to be back, no more MOSQUITOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock ON!
The pup's have grown like 5 POUNDS!!!!! About 4 pounds of that is hair though.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Costa Rica

Ok, this is wierd.I have to use a spainish keyboard to type, and I have to pay 1000 colones per hour I´m on the computer. Another thing is that, with a spainish keyboard, I have to reach my pinkie extra far to CAPATILIZE a letter. You dont even know. Also, an apostrophy is sort of odd, it looks like this. ¨´´. Preety wierd, huh. Well, only a few more days till you see my happy, smiling face back in old Arizona again. To tell the truth, Im a bit Home sick, and Im also learning how to use this keyboard. Scary. I´ll bring a picture of it home, in case your wondring what it looks like.

Surfing. Believe it or not, its preety hard. I can surf the waves easily, but getting out there is the hard part. I have trouble paddling successfuly, my arms aren´t strong enough, or long enough. It´s preety hard, especially when the big waves come, and your not ready for them. I´ve been skiping some lessons because I don´t feel that I´m up to the challenge.

Anyways, all´s well. We found an AMAZING restraunt called tortilla flats. They have french toast there that´s just the BOMB!!!!!pow. They have the best food there I´ve ever had, in my life. Even the Left overs are delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could live off the stuff.

Dont worry bout me.I love this place, even if I do have 80 mosquito bites. I´m actually thinking of living here when I grow up. I´d be fun. I´ve got thirty minuets left, so see you later, i´ll be on Club Penguin if You need me.

-Brooke, Chillin in Costa Rica!!!