Monday, March 10, 2008

Love Life!

I've made a schedual that is absolutely flawless. I have time to read the scriptres, exercise, pray, even take a shower! It's amazing what a little bit of smart planning can do. I love finding out new ways to be happy and thriving. Al so, today during lunch, My friend came over to eat with us. H told us that because he was Greek Orthadox, he and his family starting today will not eat meat for fourty days, with light breakfasts, lunches, and dinners! He was very doubtful so I decided to join him. Ok, that means that i won't have any meat until April 19th! This is my challange for myself. Love Life!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Shack

OK, I have a friend named Devin(girl) and we are inseparable. We hang out every day it seems, even though she just moved here about seven months ago. In her backyard, there are some horse stalls (typical of Arizona), and among those horse stalls is a tool shed, or as we call it, the shack. Once Sierra (my life-long buddy) shed her gaze upon it, her mind exploded with ideas. For example;Lets make it into our club house, lets paint it, lets fix it up, lets put carpet in it, lets buy rugs for it, (ext...). As for me, I had only one measly idea; Lets make it into our M.E.E.P. headquarters (M.E.E.P. stands for Mormon Elephants Exceeding Perfection, a club I made up about one years ago that never really caught on). Yes we did all of that, besides the carpet thing, we painted the floor instead. So all weekend, we painted, decorated, and even managed too have a sleep over! Fun, fun. I'll get some pictures later, but for now, here's a brief explanation of the entire thing.

-The shack is about as big as a large elevator with the door at the short end to one side.
-The shack has a large table built in, reaching from short side to short side, and it is on the wall to the left when you walk in.
-We painted the whole thing white, then splatter painted it with blue green and orange, the coolest colors in the world. It got a little messy and sierra, Dev, and I all have paint in our hair still.
-Think of a maroon-sh brown color, that is the color of the outside of the shack. We were not allowed to paint the outside.
-Imagine a red little dinky mailbox taped to the outside wall and also to a plank of wood coming out of the ground.
-You've got the picture

Beatrice Everett (your loving interior designer)