Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Shuffle'n life

So, i took my green mini into the apple store today, and they told me it's hard drive was terminal. They also told me my warranty was up. What a drag, and my named engraved on it and everything. It was my first iPod!!! Then, the guy told me Apple recycles old iPods, and if you trade it in, you get a 10% discount on another iPod. I thought it was cool, so my mom told me to chose an iPod and we'll trade it in. so i thought ROCK ON! I looked around for one of the cheaper iPods, and I came up with this....
a (product) RED shuffle. It's 2 gigs, $70, $63 with the discount, 500 songs. It's simple. The shell is really beautiful! I love it. I'll never quite get over the green mini, though.