Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Today the school had an assembly but grade by grade so we were probably the last but thats ok with me, it was realy wierd cause this realy OLD man with a HUGE grey beard and a comb over told us wierd stories and we sat in a circle! It was SOOOOOO wierd!!
Today is Erics B-Day! I left a trail of snickers leading to a card And a paper crane I made, Did I tell you that I learend how to make paper cranes? It's so fun and I thout it would be a PERFECT gift! I don't have much to say but thanks to ALL the commenters!


Scott said...

Brooke, that's the perfect gift. Eric's favorite animal is the paper crane. Actually, that's very nice of you, I'm sure he appreciates it inside, even if he still makes fun of you and beats you up.

Chris said...

If I weren't bigger than him, he'd probably make fun of me and beat me up too, but I'm huge, so he's afraid of me. I hope you're not afraid of me. You know that I only give you hugs and kisses, and I never give you physical violence.

maudy independence said...

Brooke, you have a knack for coming up with gifts. I'm sure Eric wasn't expecting a paper crane, but who wouldn't follow a trail of snickers? I mean, nice planning. Now that he's 16, make sure you bug him about dating. Hopefully he's over his aversion to girls, but I'm sure it's still a touchy subject. Milk it for all it's worth.

Bloggerworm said...

Thanks for all the tips, I realy should give him a bad time about girls?THANKS!!!!!!