Sunday, February 17, 2008


-Good day. Life has been good to me today. Peacefulness has overcome me and I fell clean and new, almost like your favorite tee-shirt just come out of the dryer, clean and fresh. Spring has become an obsession of mine because it seems so close. Life seems still, completely timeless for a few moments until it starts to get dark again.
-My political attention has been redirected to life since Mitt Romney dropped out of the race. It seems to have been for the better because i've started a journal and it has helped me dramatically to realize my true potential in the church, and it excites me. I guess it acts as a reminder to behave and stay calm and focused on what is important.
-Caring for my family has become a part responsibility, and I bear it thankfully knowing that it will be placed solely on my shoulders once I have my own family. Caring for others, no matter how ungrateful they seem, is key to motherhood. I'm trying to give myself a leg up on challenges I might face when I grow up and become a mother, wife, and friend. That, and becoming a missionary, are the most important things in my future that I look forward to.
-I feel the spirit when I think of these things. It is quite an experience. I feel a comforting feeling in my throat, one that makes my outlook on the future bright and colorful. One that makes me feel like my life has become all of a sudden a golden one with no problems or adversities for a moment. A feeling that fills my system with joy and love for others. One that helps me to keep my life in line and keeps my thoughts focused on my future and present situation and what is important. Life is good.

-Beatrice Everett (your loving sisterly friend)


Squirt said...

Brooke, you should be a script writer for The Office. You're descriptions are legendary, and your contemplative depths exemplary.



Beatrice Everett said...