Monday, February 18, 2008

Molly the Dog

Motherhood is hard, even if your "kid" is a dog. I've just bought a journal on Wednesday and i love it. I haven't found one flaw with this beautiful book. It is a joy to write in, and I have written in my journal every day since I got it. Back to the story. Last night, molly chewed two things; a brush, and my journal. Trust me, I was not going to let this one just slip by, mostly because I was going to write in this thing for a year if I could. I was white hot with anger in it's most pure form. I decided to postpone the punishment until after I had repaired the journal. A portion of the bottom was missing, so I put it back together again. As I was arranging it, molly walked by, awaiting the fire coming. As she walked, I started to think about a piece of advice I've tried to live by, "Forgive and Forget." I wondered "how in all of hades could I forgive this dog of ruining my precious book?" The answer came in a mild revelation. I continued working, and once I finished I got up and walked toward Molly. She hesitated, but eventually let me pick her up, and I started to cry. Now let me clear something up, I don't cry with tears, I cry by feeling sadness fill my entire body, which I consider worse. So I'm crying, and molly is waiting for something bad to happen, but it doesn't come. Molly is confused and I start apologizing for my coldness to her, and forgiving her for ruining my journal. We are now both happy that this has been put behind us. Life is good.

I know what you're thinking, but I have raised my pup from when she was only a few weeks old, and I have treated her almost like a human baby. I suits me. I'm not some mentally retarded freak that got a dog out of nowhere and now it's my only friend, or something. I assure you that I'm a mentally healthy person that just loves her dog very much.

-Beatrice Everett (your typical dog sympathizer)

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