Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sunsplash, Before & After


Ok. Im preety siked for sunsplash. I got a new swim dress and some preety rad aviators, if you don't know what aviators are, the're sunglasses modelling those that airplane pilot's wear. Im exited. I dont know any better way to waste my wednesday than lisnin to so many pre teen's going at eachother with their rumors and such. Well, thats all for now. Check in later to hear about the whole expirience.


I'm disapointed. Sunsplash wasn't all that. The lines where so long that im glad I snuck in food rather than spend half my day in a lunch line that would eat up half my money. I gess that I'll go to Big Surf next time. In any case, it was preety fun. I got to try many diffrent types of tricks on the small slide(pssst, tricks that I wasn't allowed to do). Well, see you next blog. Good-Bye!

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linz said...

You're such a rebel!