Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring Break

For spring break, me and my family went to salt lake city and we visited the twmple, the confrence center, the Joseph Smith memorial building, and ate lunch at the Lion House all in one day. We also went skieng but in mine and Shelleys case, snowboarding. I got a real kick out of it, literally!. I was soo soar the next day that I could barely move without saying 'ouch!' Every bit of me was soar, my but in piticular. It STUNK!!! But at least I got to eat sunday dinner with the Scott's, and no, not my brother scott although he was there, and guess what? Scott got his mission call!!! He's going to Minnasota!!! Better bring a trench coat, it's going to get just a little bit chilly.
I have to say that Mellissa Scott is nice, scratch that, she's AWSOME!!! Her and her family! Chris is so lucky!!!


linzinator said...

Ahhh, no fun. Ask Scott about being soar, he lost his skis at least 6 times Saturday. I hope snowboarding was all you dreamed it would be. We'll have to go some time. Lots of hugs and kisses!

Bloggerworm said...

right back at you sister!

brookielover said...

brooke, im usually not a stickler for these things, but you should go over that last blog, what is a twmple. Its cute, but wrong.