Monday, January 16, 2006

Piercing Pagoda

Guess what? I GOT MY EARS PIERCED!!!!! The lady that pierced them was realy nice and my earings are my birth stone, Ruby! So me and my mom went shopping at the mall and I know how that's every girls dream but not mine! Even though I got a pair of jeans and a cool belt, I still don't like shopping!!!


Lindsay said...

Amen sister. I had to wait until I was 14, mom's getting soft in her old age.

Mario said...

Sweetness! I got my ears pierce when i was you age too! I think the earings looks great on you! not everyone can pull off the sophicticated ruby look! and you can never have to many jeans! wouldnt you agree? Oh and guess what............. i went to my sis's recital and your dream boy played at it. He is really a great musician.... among other things.(giggles childlessly) See ya out and about. Toodles!

Anonymous said...

yah, Thanks(sarcasticly)
(I think your rubbing off on me Mario)