Thursday, December 15, 2005


Today,(why do I keep starting my Blogs with "Today,"?)I stayed home(again) and I'm glad I did cause' Stacey, our close family friend, brought over some clothes that where to small for her daughter, Sarah, I'm wearing some right now, and their the good type! Anyways, I went on a bike ride that I'll never forget for the rest of my life(hopefully)! I started out by convincing my mom that the fresh air would help me to get better and not have Croup any more(and it did help)! So I started of kind of slowly and then stopped where their was a dirt hill and looked around, and right behind a bush, I saw 2 fully grown coyotes, grey as they could be. It was AMAZING! I raced home with the news, and what do you know, mom has a story abouta cyotye!

""I was hiking alone in the desert one early morning, quite a few years ago, when I came across a coyote. It was in the bushes about 20 yards away. As I walked along the path, it began to howl at me. I'm not afraid of coyotes, although I don't want to encounter a pack of them if they're hungry and if I appear well fed. They trot through the desert behind our house frequently, and we hear them yipping. But this encounter felt much different than when I hear a little yipping from the warmth of my own home. A lone, howling coyote send shivers through one's body, especially when the howls are directed at a lonely me. I was relieved to trot a little bit myself, and get far enough away that he stopped howling."

And that's pretty much it.


Your favorite oldest sister.. said...

You know, two summers ago when I used to go running at insane hours of the morning I had a coyote friend. Every morning as I started out, I'd see him on the hill and he'd just sit there and howl. I think coyotes are pretty cool, but I see mom doesn't feel the same way. When you were a baby there was a pack that would howl outside of our house when you cried. It was pretty erie to wake up in the middle of the night to a screaming baby followed by howling coyotes. But never fear, they're more scared of us than we are of them.

scott said...

Yeah Brookie, I remember when the coyotes used to make you cry at night. That would be a pretty scary thing for a little girl.

Linda Esplin said...

your mom says:
I like the coyotes, just not that one when it was howling so close to me.

I don't like the rat that's made a home in our pile of blocks, and I gave it a nice cocktail to help it go to sleep. On the other hand, I think it's quite fascinating to look at the nest it has built with orange peels and leaves. But I have to kill it, in case it's a roof rat. They are a menace to citrus trees.

Bloggerworm said...

I think I would like a cyotye friend, it would be cool! And scott, HOW WOULD I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS THAT YOUNG!?!?! sorry(just kiding Scott )